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Delivering powerful advertising & marketing solutions


Majestic Media is advertising company with billboard locations in New Mexico.


Our quality static and digital signage are ideal for local, regional and national advertisers to engage with their target audience. 

Traditional static billboards are large advertising displays that deliver messages to your target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Digital billboards are electronically-controlled displays capable of taking your advertising to new heights. Located in high occupancy areas, these boards are an optimal solution for advertisers looking to change their messages throughout the campaign. 

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Majestic Media uses specialist software to create, publish, manage and report on digital marketing and advertising.  


With high quality imagery, professional copy, and detailed insight, let us transform your digital marketing and advertising presence to grow your audiences. 

Regular, engaging content on digital platforms and social media is critical for building audiences, connecting with customers and showcasing your brand online.


We help our clients grow their online presence, audience and grow their business. 


Branding & Content

Majestic Media delivers powerful branding, identity and content solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their bespoke needs. 

With a wide range of services, we take the hassle out of creating those all-important messages for your business and clients.​


Too busy to get involved in the detail? We’ll do the research and present helpful suggestions, based on our years of experience. 


Prefer a more hands-on approach? We’ll work with you to perfect the messages you want to convey, collaborating and consulting with you at every step along the process. 



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